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"I am not an event planner, but I love planning events!"

How does that even work? , Okay so I have the upmost respect for event planners, I absolutely take my hat off to all of you and by watching my in-house Event Stylist (Shari owner of MOTT Design Studio) work, I am definitely like oh no this life is not for me, but I love it!

For as long as I can remember, I have always been the one organizing and putting together events within my family, like thanksgiving, birthday parties, baby showers, & BBQs. In the beginning I was kind of always giving the smaller task of making sure everyone got an invitation and keeping track of how many people were coming. As time went on I became more involved with making decisions about the food , like will one person be responsible, will we do it pot luck style or will we have it catered, the decorations (if needed), finding out if cakes and cupcakes were needed, a DJ, location etc etc. As you can see my task grew from simple to running the whole show. It felt like this change happened overnight, but I was certainly up for the task. Being the head of certain events was always fun for me to do, but as time went on and family dynamics changed this also became very overwhelming. The fun part was having everyone together celebrating and having a good time and of course the overwhelming aspect of having an event is keeping track of the guest list, making sure everyone received an invite, who responded, who didn't, and sending reminders, amongst collaborating with vendors and making sure everyone is paid. This indeed can be the most stressful part of having an event because this is where you can either stay in budget or go over budget and I swear that people do not grasp this fact. PLEASE RSVP TO EVENTS THAT REQUIRE IT!

I love putting together events for my family because it gives me that feeling of togetherness, growing up we were always so close and there was always some kind of celebration or party going on. Now as adults, it is kind of hard for everyone to still be that close, because we all have families of our own, we work and simply just have everyday grownup life responsibilities. So I always look forward to one particular holiday, which is Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving day or the day after, is when we all get together as a family with no questions asked and I love it!

With some of my extensive experience with putting together family events, I find it easier for me to be able to help others plan out their events and give them a few pointers to help their event planning run a bit smoother. I find joy and happiness assisting, however I would never take on the full task of being an event planner. My goal is to utilize my blog by writing about topics such as; Tips on planning events from start to finish, events that have inspired me, budgeting for events, as well as becoming an event space owner. I am extremely excited to venture into this part of my Event space journey.

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