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Welcome To "Dopie's World llc"

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Dopie's World is not only just a place you can rent for your own events, but every so often we host our own events for the community and public.

Check out our upcoming events now! 

Dopie's World Event Space

I am super excited to announce the re-opening of Dopie's World event space, located in Valley Stream, borderline of Rosedale Queens. If you are looking for a venue to host your next intimate celebration, click the link below for packages and booking information.


My Passion for Purpose...

...Lead me to discover my passion for coaching.


I intend for this to be a life changing journey filled with lots of fun, a few ups & downs, as well as business & life lesson tips. Click the link below to take this Journey with me as we fulfill our Purpose and live out our passion.


Lips with a Cause” is the first company that I launched back in 2013 to raise awareness of different types of Cancers and diseases.  While my initial launch was towards Breast and Ovarian cancer (Pink & Teal), “LWAC” is not limited to just raising awareness about cancer. 

In light of all of the social injustice that took place in 2020, I expanded LWAC in an attempt to prompt individuals to "Live With a Cause". I strongly believe that to live with a cause is to live with purpose and we cannot just sit around and continue to be silent as our voices and rights are being taken away from us.


LWAC is meant to encourage the masses to find their voice and to stand up for what you believe and to spread love to those who are around you and in need.


Love heals and the world needs healing, support LWAC and use your voice!


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